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superior techniques

   Lanex provides a variety of assemblies, including; hot upset striker, small hand tape and mechanical. Lanex has also developed superior techniques in mating different types of steels, including rare alloys and SS products. Furthermore, Lanex offers manual mig welding, robotic mig welding as well as a wide variety of spot welding and press welding. Lanex also offers our clients the option of purchasing component module assemblies.


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In response to the advancement of vehicle drive systems and the inclusion of batteries and other heavyweight components, Lanex has diversified its welded assembly capabilities to include an aluminum product line. This line addresses the industry demand for material alternatives which offset curb weight while maintaining overall strength. Lanex works with our material suppliers to provide our clients with current information on alloy substitutions, ideal welding alloys as well as updated weld studies to ensure that our clients are informed prior to the launching of their program.

mechanical assemblies  /

Lanex prides itself on working with our customers to develop superior solutions from product development to satisfying mid-program cost-conscious initiatives. Because Lanex has grown through innovation, we are able to provide our customers with premium products at competitive market prices. Lanex’s in-house assembly process provides us with the competitive advantage of controlling the entire assembly process which allows us to offer industry-leading completed assemblies. The Lanex team is capable of tackling all sub and modular assembly client requests, including: stampings, wire forms and tube forms. Lanex’s current assembly product line includes:






Riveted non static and static assemblies for seating applications


Striker assemblies, Hot upset and crash assembly


Mig Welded Wire to wire Exhaust suspension assemblies


Mig Welded Stamping to tube IP, structural support type assemblies


Mig Welded Wire to stamping multi-purpose assemblies


Mechanical (In progressive die style) nut assemblies as well as welded


Automated hand assemblies such as accelerator and brake arm assemblies


Over molded wire forms and stampings


Manual Tape assemblies

 Lanex Manufacturing Inc. was established in 1988 by Bruce Lane. Originally, Lanex’s sole product line produced wire cage for cement tube and construction reinforcement. With his extensive knowledge of automotive parts manufacturing, Bruce quickly diversified Lanex’s capabilities to the automotive market, including production of stampings and welded assemblies. As the construction industry demand for wire cage diminished, Bruce focused on the automotive aspect of his business until eventually it represented 100% of the revenue produced by Lanex. Always dedicated to customer satisfaction, with a strict focus on quality and timely delivery, Lanex has expanded our Walker Road facility four times to accommodate the needs of our customers.   .